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Screen Systems

High tensile Woven Wire Steel Screens

Modern High Speed Vibrating Screens are acknowledged to be among the finest fatigue testing Machines in use today. However, Screen Systems can produce screening surfaces which will withstand the rigorous treatment and survive the day and night attrition experienced in quarries, sand and gravel pits and all types of ore treatment and benefication plant.

These facts apply in particular to our AGATEX screens which are used throughout the world and are justly renowned for their extremely high resistance to abrasion. Close checks on raw materials, production processes and constant quality control at all stages of manufacture, guarantee a top quality finished product.

Types of weave


Square Opening
For screening regular shaped materials
Flat Top
The top or working surface of the screen is smooth, all the crimping is on the underside, asssuring a more even weave. Materials are free to move over the screen
'Output' Slot Mesh
Used when increased throughput is required or when improvement in non-blinding qualities is needed. This arrangement has greater open area than square opening

Double Crimp
Evenly crimped in warp and weft, providing a rigid construction. The wires are undercrimped and sprung together thus giving a mesh which will not chatter at the intersections
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