Agricultural, Equestrian and Veterinary mesh

Our mesh is incredibly hygienic, low-weight and high-tensile. Stainless steel mesh is an indispensable and invaluable resource within the agricultural, equestrian and veterinary industries. We manufacture products using several types of materials. In addition, whether your criteria demands a product that is cost effective, attractive or just functional, we have the mesh for you.

agricultural wire mesh products

agricultural wire mesh products

We help the farming, equestrian and veterinary mesh industries make best use of stainless steel mesh. In other words, helping them benefit most from its versatility.  Designed, manufactured and delivered by us, we have a wide range of items and producing both standard and bespoke mesh. These include:

  • Combine harvester threshing screens
  • Horse head guards
  • Pet cages
  • Pig floors
  • Storage racks
  • Gratings
  • Hay racks
  • Grills
  • Gates

The quality and integrity of our work means our products are in demand – and therefore, in use – across the globe, from the Cotswolds to the Canadian prairies. Above all, we manufacture and stock all year round, guaranteeing spare parts are available to coincide with any harvest season anywhere in the world.