Welded wedge wire is a welded steel structure mainly used for filtration, separation and retention

Wedge wire consists of surface profiles, usually V-triangular shape, tig welded onto support profiles. The V wire is used to construct a welded wedge wire screen, this is both robust and extremely accurate. Normally manufactured from stainless steel, it comes in various forms: flat panels, curved panels, segments or sections. This can form floors i.e. for breweries, discs and drums for filtration, often in the washing/food processing industries, sugar industries. Welded wedge wire can be used for many different types of filtration, solid-liquid separation, classification, coal, dewatering, and concentration, regardless of location or industry.

Our wedge wire is a multipurpose screen which is tough, has huge clogging resistance and is extremely durable. It can also be supplied in a cylindrical form known as ‘slotted tube filters’. It performs extremely well in applications requiring accuracy as well as strength. Wedge wire is suitable for maintenance-free situations and high-pressure applications. Reinforcements can be added if they are required. This provides the strongest and most cost effective wedge wire screens on the market. Our wire can also be made into tubes and cylinders, with radial or straight slots. The screen surface can be either on the inside or the outside of the cylinder. This is to give out-to-in, or flow in-to-out. Welded wedge wire is made in stainless steel grade AISI 304, but other grades are also available.

Welded wedge wire screens

We were pioneers in the development of Wedge Wire screens. In recent years a demand has grown for Wedge Wire assembled by welding, in contrast to the looped method. We have met this demand with the very latest in TIG welding technology. Using specially developed machinery and advanced automatic welding our welded type screens offer a wide range of apertures with clear and unobstructed open area. This latest development uses 6.35 mm diameter crossrods or up to 25 x 6 mm flat bars welded directly to the profile wires. Cross rod pitch can be varied to suit the application.

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Welded Wedge Wire

Welded Wedge Wire

Welded Wedge Wire

Welded wedge wire