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Wedge wire gratings and open bar gratings are a heelsafe flooring

The creation of heelsafe grating, heelsafe flooring, mesh floor grating, and open bar flooring / grating has been significantly advanced by the latest technology in welded wedge wire. Wedge wires flooring or V shaped wires, are welded to flat bars giving an aperture of 5.5 mm. Therefore making it safe to walk on in heels. In addition, cross rods are welded underneath at 50 mm centres to give support and strength. Screen Systems are pioneers in the development of wedge wire flooring.

In recent years a demand has grown for wedge wire. We met this demand with the very latest in TIG welding technology using specially developed machinery and also advanced automatic welding. As a result, our grating and flooring offer a wide range of apertures with clear and unobstructed open area. This latest development uses flat bars or cross rods welded directly to the profile wires. Also, the cross rod pitch can be varied to match the application. This manufacturing method is particularly well suited to the production of healsafe flooring and gratings.

Wedge wire gratings are often used to offer drainage – Read more

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Screen Systems recently completed a project for some heelsafe gratings for a school. These were made wider than normal gratings so we added bigger load bars to make the gratings more sturdy. Specifications were, 5.5 mm aperture, 34 Sb profile wire, with a 25mm x 5mm frame all round and 20 mm x 3 mm load bars. It was made completely from stainless steel 316 and the gratings were polished after manufacture.