Screen Systems have been manufacturing Quarrying and Mining Screens ever since the Industry began

The quarrying and mining industry require a higher strength welded mesh than other industries and we aim to provide that. Our quarrying and mining screens utilise both welded and looped wedge wire systems. It’s renowned throughout the world for its unrivalled screening properties. Our wire provides high volume separation and classification, in addition to its ability to cope with highly abrasive materials and heavy-duty applications.

We are highly respected for our unrivalled heritage and the quality of our wedge wire systems. Encompassing precision screen engineering and highly robust construction techniques.

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Wedge Wire Profiles

Wire sizes available for our quarrying and mining screens

We have an extensive selection of wire profiles available, they come in either flat or curved panels.

Apertures from 0.25 mm to 3 mm on a looped wedge profile:

This profile is beneficial for vibrating applications or traditional installations.

Apertures from 0.25 mm to 10 mm on a welded wedge profile:

This profile is the most frequently used profile type. It offers minimum resistance to passing liquids and fine particles, preventing pegging. We stock most slot gap and corresponding wire profiles to facilitate urgent requirements.

A further range of specialist wire types are also available on request, contact us with your requirements