Looped Wedge Wire Trommel Screens

Wedge wire trommel screens, also known as rotary screening drum, are mechanical screening machines used to separate materials. Wedge wire trommel screens are used in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries. Additionally, they are often used to remove fines from a given waste stream. The trommel consists of a wedge wire cylindrical drum (rotary drum) that is normally elevated at an angle at the feed end. Screen Systems looped wedge wire is an extremely robust and durable screening method product.

How does a recycling wedge wire trommel screen work?

Material is fed into the trommel drum (rotary screening drum), then it is lifted up by the rotation and aerated as it falls back down. After that, this action is repeated with each revolution along the length of the drum. As a result, the smaller segments pass through the screen openings. Finally, the larger fractions tumbles towards its eventual exit at the rear of the drum. Wedge wire and looped wedge wire rotary drums are often used for wash plant applications. For example, mineral extraction plants, coal mining, fibreglass processing operations. Also, food washing factories and many more.

A trommel drum cylinder is used to separate materials by size, for example, they are sometimes used for separating biodegradable fraction of mixed urban waste. Also, for separating different sizes of crushed stone. In addition, contractors may screen their site debris into two segments. For example, a saleable topsoil for farms, nurseries and site-work, as well as rock cleaning for aggregates or landscaping work. As a result, this allows the contractor to resell their waste, instead of incurring the cost of sending it for disposal.

Trommel screens

N.B. Our cylindrical drums are supplied hollow. Customers normally install their own internal fixings.

Trommel screens

Trommel Screen features

  • Heavy duty robust build
  • Low maintenance
  • Various mesh size apertures available (Screen drums made to customer specification)
  • Segregate saleable topsoil and rock, significantly reducing the volume of waste
  • Screening of even the heaviest materials, with multiple fractions possible
  • Versatile screening solutions with minimal set up time and highly efficient

Used for many applications, for example:-

  • Hard-core
  • Compost and green waste
  • Skip waste and municipal solid waste
  • Sand and gravel
  • Landfill recovery
  • Coal mining
  • Mineral extraction plants
  • Fibreglass processing operations
  • Food washing factories


Screen Systems recently completed a project for wedge wire trommel screens, used for de-watering/purifying. Wedge wire trommel screen, 0.55mm aperture (tyler mesh #30), X profile 32f, Cylinder 2250mm long x 1000mm i/dia. The screen face on the inside was made in 2 halves bolted and welded together, each half with 40x10mm joining bars and 3-off 20×10 st/st intermediate bars. In addition, titted with a 40x8mm st/st 304 undrilled flange ring at each end also fully weld wires end and ring flush.