Screen Systems have recently completed a project for a wedge wire mash tun floor. This was for use in a micro brewery. This new wedge wire mash tun floor replaced a perforated sheet false bottom. The wedge wire is used in the bottom of the mash tun vessel for cleaner and quicker draining.

See the the specifications below:

  • Wedge wire
  • 1245mm diameter
  • 25mm high end ring around edges
  • Made in two interlocking sections
  • 0.75mm aperture x 34SB

Mash tun floors can be made to any size, in circles or square floors. For ease of lifting and cleaning the mash tun floor can be made in smaller sections if required. Screen Systems wedge wire mash tun floors do not become blinded by matter, as they are self cleaning; offering low maintenance properties and a cost effective solution. Mash tun floors are extremely reliable and long lasting, often performing in excess of 20 years.

For more information on our wedge wire mash tun flooring contact us on 01942 272895