Screen Systems have been supplying us with wedge wire run down screens for over 10 years. They have given us good technical advice on the design of the screens and selection of the correct size and type of wedge wire for our applications.

Due to a recent process change, our run down screens must be removed regularly for cleaning. Each of the 12 frames weighs about 60kg and access for removal is difficult. Screen Systems redesigned the frames so that the wedge wire part which weighs less than 30kg can be lifted out separately, leaving the sub-frame in place. This has made removing the screens a much safer and quicker operation.  We now keep a complete spare set of wedge wire screens ready to be swapped over whenever necessary.

– Engineering Project Manager
Screen Systems Customer 

Data sheets are available for our Screentex Product Range including

Run Down Screens
Upward flow wedge wire clarifier
Upward flow clarifiers

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